Unintended Consequences

     This month let us meditate on unintended consequences as we journey to Jerusalem and, ultimately, to our heavenly Father’s house.  God calls us to consider the unintended consequences that have brought us here, we are now engaging in, and those that will confront us until the Last Day.

     Adam and Eve lived in freedom in the Garden of Eden.  They were free to:

  • work without pain or injury.
  • live and move without the searing heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter.
  • live and move among the animals, insects, and plants without fear of attack or pestilence.
  • rest and sleep without fear of injury or death.
  • come into the presence of the Lord without terror or shame.
  • commune with God without deceit and slander.


     Unfortunately, when they entertained the tempter, gave thought to his deceptive and deadly challenge, and acted upon the temptation they went from freedom in God to bondage in sin, death and the power of the devil.  They did not intend:

  • that an innocent animal that Adam named and they cared for would forfeit its life to cover their sin.
  • to forsake God’s fellowship and favor for that with a liar and murderer.
  • that all creation would groan under the weight of their rebellion and lawlessness, resulting in painful childbirth and exhausting work.
  • to suffer the consequences of aging and infirmity that would weaken them physically and psychologically.
  • to enter into a situation that would demand their deliverance through the suffering and death of God who would take on flesh and blood and be born of a woman.

Satan did not intent that their rebellion would be graciously and lovingly dealt with by the holy and righteous God.


     Unfortunately, today we live with Adam and Eve’s unintended consequences: suffering and anguish, disease and death, betrayal and heartbreak.  Even more, we go through our days, weeks, months and years not intending to:

  • provoke and grieve our God with our lawless and rebellious thoughts, words and deeds towards Him and our neighbor.
  • neglect God’s mercies or the good work given us this day.
  • allow the old Adam to grow stronger and the new creation in Christ weaker by the delay of our spiritual growth through: reading and meditating on God’s Word; individual, family and corporate worship; Christian Education classes; stewardship – fellowship – evangelism opportunities; and prayer.
  • forsake God and become separated from His bride through ritualism and absenteeism.

Satan does not intent all that distracts, ensnares, and binds mankind to give way to God’s salvation in this Time of Grace.


     Rejoice, God willingly and willfully calls us by name, reminds us that He has put His name upon us in Holy Baptism, and feeds us with His Holy Word and the holy and precious body and blood of His only begotten Son as He leads us upon His path of righteousness to our heavenly home.  He does not intend that any would be lost but that all – you and me, our loved ones and neighbors – would repent and receive salvation in Christ.  Therefore, He calls those still lost in the darkness of unbelief and rebellion through His children, you and me, to Himself through His means of grace that He freely and abundantly gives us.  He intends that all the time, gifts and talents He generously provides us His means of grace for the advance of His kingdom for His glory and our good.  He intends on the Last Day to destroy all the unintended consequences of sin, death and the power of the devil.  He intends to recline us at His table where we and all His saints will celebrate the Wedding Feast of the Lamb forever.