The Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel readings for each Sunday of the Church Year are found in either a One Year Lectionary or a Three-Year Lectionary. 
– The One Year Lectionary allows greater repetition and reinforcement with fewer readings for God’s children. 
– The Three-Year Lectionary provides greater variety and breadth with more readings for God’s children.
     We use the Three-Year Lectionary which contains three series.  One series for each Church Year that repeats until Jesus returns in glory on the Last Day.
  Series A:  The Gospel of St Matthew with readings from St John.
  Series B:  The Gospel of St Mark with readings from St John.
  Series C:  The Gospel of St Luke with readings from St John.
     We use the English Standard Version (ESV) for the readings and Adult Christain Education.
December 2021 thru November 2022: