God continues to give us good work today

     Let us first pray.  Heavenly Father, from Your hand comes every good thing needed to sustain us in body and spirit, strengthen us in faith, safeguard us from the schemes and plots of the evil one, and comfort us as Your Holy Spirit conform us more and more into the image of Your Son and keep us in the one, true faith.  Give us ears that hear and recognize Your voice, hearts that humbly and obediently lovingly serve others in the vocations You have given us, voices that confess Christ and sing Your praise, and hands and feet with which our labors advance Your kingdom and provide for our families.  Pour Your Spirit upon us that we would always humbly and obediently answer Your call by which You provide for all the needs of Your children at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, expand Your kingdom, care for our families, and snatch lost and dying souls out of the bondage of the evil one for Your glory and our good.  Amen and Amen.


     God works through flesh and blood – His Son, His children – you and I.  Holy Scripture testifies that He calls those He desires to lead His people:  Abraham, Moses, Samuel and the Old Testament prophets, the Apostles to include Matthias and St Paul.  I submit He works through prayer by which His Spirit moves each of us to submit names of brothers and sisters in Christ we believe are best qualified for the elected positions on the Church Council and our various boards and committees.  He plans to work through the Nomination Committee to call forward His children to be on the ballot and those that are nominated from the floor of the Voters’ Meeting.  He then will work through your, my, and our brothers and sisters’ votes to lead us to identify His chosen servant-leaders.  There is plenty of work for all His children at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  He will allow some to catch their breath and gather their strength for future challenges while He will train up others during the term for leadership at a future date.  In all this He calls us to work for the eternal treasure and reward that moth cannot destroy and thief cannot steal.


  I know you have worked selflessly over the past two years and are willing to continue to work.  I ask you to continue to pray for His wisdom and strength and that He use you without restriction according to His will, for His glory and the good of His family at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.


  Let us close in prayer.  Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for this day, Your gracious provision, Your mercies that are anew even this morning, and the good work You have given us.  Forgive us where we have erred or fallen short and comfort us that You rule in love and righteousness, abiding with us through sunlight or shadow.  May all our thoughts, words and deeds be acceptable in Your sight.  Let Your holy angel be with us that the evil foe have no power over us.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen and Amen.