In Luke 9:30 Jesus speaks of His exodus with Moses and Elijah.  Certainly Jesus knew about the exodus story, but it appears in this text He is applying it to Himself.  Why would He do that?

Jesus was an active participant in the first Passover Feast which foreshadowed the New Covenant in His blood.  He was there leading and guiding the nation of Israel in that feast.  Jesus led Israel’s exodus from slavery to freedom which culminated in taking possession of the land promised to Abraham (John 14:6-11).

The Word made flesh appeared with Moses and Elijah where He discussed completing His exodus through the cross and grave with them.  Jesus was prepared to fulfill the promise made to Adam in the Garden of Eden as He began His final journey to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover and institute a new covenant in His blood.  Jesus had begun His exodus through the water of baptism in the Jordan just as Israel had when they passed through the waters of the Red Sea.  He had withstood 40 days of temptations in the wilderness.  Jesus successfully defeated the devil in each and every temptation unlike the Israelites who were forced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years because they had failed to trust God.  Jesus was advancing the Kingdom of God through His ministry just as Israel physically advanced into the Promised Land through military conquest.  Even more, Jesus exodus involved being scorned, betrayed, falsely convicted, scourged, crucified for their sin, arise again on the third day, appear to His disciples and people, and ascend to the right hand of God Almighty.  Jesus completed His exodus in victory and won the true and eternal peace for His people. 

You and I have heard and read the Book of Exodus but have we applied it to ourselves?  As we prepare for the Lenten Season, Holy Week, and Easter have we recalled God’s promises made and fulfilled in Jesus?  Jesus tells us to remember that in our baptism the Holy Spirit worked through water and God’s Word to join us to Jesus.  In that blessed union God took us from bondage to the devil and death to freedom and life as His child.  Christ tells us to remember that He and His Spirit live in us as we sojourn through this lost and dying world.  The Son of God reminds us we are God’s children. God’s children whom He has taught and trained to advance His Kingdom through the hearing and study of His Word, prayer, weekly worship, Christian education and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The King of kings reminds us He advances it through His church into the Kingdom of Power where we live, work, socialize and vacation.  Jesus advances and overcomes all adversaries and opponents through the Gospel, wishing that all would come to a knowledge of the truth and be saved by faith alone in Him.  Our Savior sustains, strengthens, and preserves you and me in the one true faith with the true manna from heaven:  the true body and blood of Jesus in, with and under the bread and wine.  The Lamb of God assures us that on our final day, whether by death or His glorious return, He will usher us into the Kingdom of Glory where we will join the angels, archangels and all the company of heaven forever.

Yes, Jesus calls us to apply His exodus to ourselves because He is with us as we again prepare for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.  He instructs us to prepare our soul, mind and body for the exodus He leads us upon as we travel upward to the true and eternal Jerusalem. 

Pastor Bob