The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb

     Jesus lovingly and expectantly calls us to this divine celebration of true and eternal life that He has paid for and prepared.  His table is richly prepared with the holy food and drink.  He reclines us at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, all God’s children gathered around the world, and the blessed holy ones assembled in His presence.  Jesus faithfully and steadfastly blesses the bread and wine with His words and presence, presenting His true body and true blood to His disciples to give to His brothers and sisters.  It is the true manna from heaven and life-giving blood we and all God’s children need to sustain, strengthen, safeguard and comfort us in the one true faith here in this world.  Jesus compassionately sees our spiritual poverty and compassionately ensures we all have a full portion.  Jesus gently comforts us with reassurance that it is powerful enough to feed us as He leads us into green pastures, to still waters, and through the valley of the shadow of death.  Jesus fills us with His Spirit that we would deal with others in His love and with true mercy.  Jesus feeds gives is strength that, having peace with God, we would staunchly and meekly work to establish and maintain peace and unity within God’s family and offer His radical peace to those still enslaved in sin.


     God the Father joyfully and faithfully sends His heralds forth into the highways and byways of the nations of the world with His invitation.  The Father desires that His kingdom is filled with sons and daughters on the Last Day and all the places at the table would be occupied.  Our heavenly Father commands His holy angels to both minister to His children and restrain the evil ones that seek to overwhelm us, allowing us safe and uninhibited access to His Son’s feast.  God the Father assures us that those who proved unworthy will not be allowed a place at the celebration.


     God the Holy Spirit works ceaselessly to cloth God’s children with the wedding clothes that cover us with dazzling holiness and righteousness as we are gathered before God to receive the means of grace.  The Spirit gives us both the will and means to contritely confess our sin and gratefully receive Christ’s words of forgiveness in receiving this most holy food at His table.  The Spirit provides mutual comfort and consolation for God’s children as He calls us to from the work of our daily vocations, gathering us with our brothers and sisters to receive the priceless food. 


     My brothers and sisters in Christ, God has not withheld one good thing from us at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in 2021.  He will do no less in 2022 and beyond.  May we would neither grow weary of His work nor indifferent to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. 


     And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus to the Last Day.  Amen